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1.1 Background of the Study
Speaking is one of way for the people to communication unit the other people receive the massage of the information. All of the people always speaking everyday. A good relationship need good communication too in order to the people understand about the topic they are speaking, of their native language.
Now English very important for education for teaching and learning. It is because English is international language. ALL many countries are taught English from elementary up to university, and everybody believe that English is one of the important language in the world. The students are faced the English is one of the important language in the world. The students are fact that English will bring the world. The one of English is very important in life. The students have to learn language still like reading, writing, listening and specially in spealing skill.
In Senior High School (SMA), English is one of the subject that have to be developed extensively although in primary and junior high school had taught. They had to improve the four skills to be called in English.
For speaking especially the students sometimes find a difficult to speak English because it does not their student can practice speak in English with their pair the can speak connectively in anywhere. They can speak about the topic they like. In the class, the students can speak with their pair. They would have each pair to speak or discuss the topic is high learned. At the time, then can come for word in to the class to demonstrate their result speaking to the other friends and the teacher.
From the explanation above, the writer interested and would like to research “IMPROVING SPEAKING ABILITY BY WORK IN PAIR AS AN ALTERNATIVE TEACHING AT THE ELEVENTH GRADE IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL”
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Based on the background of the study, the writer formulated the problem as follows
1. How to use the work in pair as alternative teaching to improve speaking ability?
2. Why does work in pair can as an alternative teaching to improve speaking ability?
3. What activities are done by the students during work in pair in the teaching?
1.3 The Purpose of Study
Based on the background of the study and statement of the problem, the researcher has the purpose of the study as follows:
1. To find abut how to use the work in pair as an alternative teaching to improve speaking ability.
2. To know why work in pair to be an alternative teaching to improve speaking ability.
3. To know the teacher’s activities during work in group to improve speaking ability.
1.4 The significance of the Study
The study is expected will be useful for the teachers and the students.
1. To the Teaches
The result of this study is become an alternative way to teach speaking in a class order to the teachers know the easier way to improve the way to teach.
2. To the Students
The writer hope the students will be able to speak in English well.
The students are hoped can study speak English with their pair.
1.5 The Limitation of the Study
In order to make this study more specific, the writer limits of escape I his study. This study focus on the eleventh grade of SMA.
1.6 The Definition of Key Term
To clarify the better understanding of the study, the Researches defines several tem as follow
1. IMPROVING : Change that improves something or somebody to better Oxford : 216)
2. SPEAKING : An ability of produce the utterance in oral communication ( Hornby 1984 : 1280 )
3. GROUP : number of people or things together (Oxford :191)
4. ALTERNATIVE : that may be used or done instead that you choose to do out of two or more possibilities (Oxford : 12 )
5. TEACHING : is taught and give instruction to somebody to get knowledge to do something (Oxford : 425)


Speaking Ability
The Teaching Of Speaking
The Method Of teaching Speaking
Work In Pair
Work In Pair
The Process of Work Pair
The Teacher Role in Work in Pair
Speaking Proficiency Measurement
Components of Speaking Ability
a. Ideas
b. Fluency
c. Vocabulary
d. Grammar
e. Pronounciation
f. Stress
g. Intonation


Research method consist of all things related the research. It is again to find the answer of the research problems stated earlier. The chapter discusses research method which is consist of : Research design, subject of the study, instruments and procedure of data collection.
This discussion as follows:
Research Design
This research is descriptive study, descriptive research is design to obtain information concerning the current status of phenomena in a particular place. ( Arikvnto,2006 : 230 ). The researcher tries to get information about the phenomena. It means that the researcher would like to know about improving speaking ability by work in pair. In the research the researcher use several of methods to collect data like questionnaire documentation, observation and test.

Subject of Study
The researcher will do the research at eleventh grade and the samples subject are related teacher and students. The researcher take the grade because want to know the improving speaking ability by work in pair.

Instruments of Collecting Data
Instruments of research has an important role in increasing the research, because instruments is a media for the researcher that use to collect the data in order to be easy to solve the research problem to be perfect and success.

Interview is method to collect data by ask the respondent or in formal directly for getting information. It means that the aim to get information who was needed by researcher. The form of in interview is oral questions.
Observation is one of the way collecting data that used by the researcher in this research. The purpose of the researcher is to get data. Which there are material technique, method that applied by the teacher in teaching learning factually. In the research the researcher want to increase the speaking skill. And also observation is loot at the phenomena, action process.
Questionnaire is a data collection method in which respondents read and answer questions in q writer format. The purpose is to get some information and data related to the problem of the study will be observed.
The writer used the structured questionnaire because there were seventy respondents in this study and it was easy to analyze the result of the observation.

The data collected from the documentation is one by:
1. The researcher do observation and interview to the teacher
2. The researcher try to analyze the data

3.5 Data Analysis
The techniques of data analysis was an important part in a research by the researcher to get information of material and test that used in the teaching learning the result of research.
Test would be very important to know the result of the technique of learning in the class, because with test the teacher can make a conclusion the way the teacher use in the class.
To answer the problem the researcher use a test of speaking test with percentage = F X 100%
Note :
F : The frequency of number students who can be speaking well
N : The total number of students

The following table is used to place the student’s score
From the result of the test given

The Student’s result Value Range
In letter mark In numerical mark
Excellent A 90-100
Good B 70-89
Fair C 50-69
poor D 0-49